Jackpot Digital

Jackpot Digital Inc. is a Vancouver based gaming provider and manufacturer that develops multiplayer gaming products for casinos, cruise ships, and online operators.

I was in charge to design its identity and overall branding that would appeal to its audience in the gaming industry.


Formerly known as Las Vegas From Home Entertainment Inc. since 1999, the company developed and supplied poker and casino gaming software to the iGaming industry.

Followed by the acquisition of PokerTek, the company rebranded as Jackpot Digital Inc. to reflect its new business focus to manufacturing and providing electronic table games. The old brand became irrelevant and defining its new brand identity was inevitable.


Brand Identity

After changing its name to Jackpot Digital, the company aimed to redefine casino gaming with revolutionizing and disruptive gaming products. We wanted the logo to communicate innovative and exciting attributes. It should also carry a young and start-up personality as changing the name suggested a new beginning for the company.

After digging through a variety of logo ideas, we nailed down the final logo that would speak the personality of the company. The word "Jackpot" was arranged in a bold but quirky way, voiced with excitement by adding an exclamation mark with a slanted angle to emphasize a sense of fun and playfulness.


The focus of the new website was its core product line. After collaborating with the marketing manager, what came out was a clean layout with an intriguing tagline whilst the live number of hands adding up to create the authenticity and authority the company positioned itself as.

As a result, we designed a new logo, website, and marketing materials to support Jackpot Digital as the leading electronic game provider for the regulated casino industry.

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